Coming Up With Fresh Research Paper Topics In American History

Is it possible to have a fresh topic about history? This is one of the most challenging aspects of writing a research paper on American history. A lot has been written over the years such that it is almost impossible to find a new topic. However, there are tricks you can use to get a fresh topic on American history.

  • Combine Facts
  • History is built on facts. However, these facts are sometimes separated. The history of agriculture is often separated from the civil war. In other instances, historians fail to make connections between the present day education or political system and diseases or personalities. To produce a fresh and captivating paper, build connections between two ideas. Create a link between what happened in one sector and the impact it had in another sector. This gives fresh insight which captures the attention of readers.

  • Focus on Fresh Information
  • Departments of history, scientists and archeologists, among others, are unearthing new details about persons, events, inventions, etc. Check the latest development in different areas and pick a topic from it. Such a choice gives you an opportunity to interact with the latest in your discipline. A reader, despite interest in history, wants something new and fresh to the mind. This is your opportunity.

  • Check for Traces in Present Day Life
  • There is a close relationship between life today and the events that happened hundreds of years ago. It is the work of a historian to draw parallels and connections. Use the research paper to highlight these connections.

  • Dig Deeper
  • Everything on American history has not been explained or expounded. Read through journals, books, documentaries, and other materials. Be keen on what is said about. It is this through keen interest in details that you will find an interesting point of focus.

Here are fresh ideas for a research paper on American history.

  1. The changing face of thanks giving
  2. Impact of the railroad today
  3. Black American violence
  4. Youth involvement in politics
  5. The decline of religious influence on politics
  6. Impact of California gold rush to-date
  7. The changing dynamics of industrialization in different states
  8. Reversing the Indian Removal Act
  9. Presidential assassinations and their impact on socialization
  10. No interference policy and present day wars
  11. History of economic depressions
  12. The role of propaganda in American politics
  13. Life changing inventions in American history

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