A Handful Of Good Electronic Medical Records Research Paper Topics

You may be required to complete a research paper for any class that you take, even something like electronic medical records (EMRs). Working in this field does not necessarily require a lot of research writing, so many students do not know where to begin when they must choose a topic. Here are some ideas to help get you started.

  1. The Benefits and Drawbacks of Electronic Medical Records- Like any system, EMRs have their advantages and disadvantages. Discuss both sides of EMRs. Is there a difference in the advantages and disadvantages based on the size of the company that is considering them?
  2. Electronic Medical Records and Patient Access to Technology- Consider an EMR system that allows patient access to their medical files and information online. Does everyone have access to technology in today’s age? Would it be fair to require patients to access their files electronically or would companies still have to provide physical copies of records in some instances? What effects would this have on overall costs?
  3. The Prominence of Electronic Medical Records- EMR systems have become more popular with time, but everyone is still not onboard with using them. How prevalent has the switch been from more traditional methods and what benefits have been seen?
  4. The Implementation of Electronic Medical Record Systems- Consider the time and costs required to switch to an EMR system. Does the associated costs and time make a difference for the benefits based on the size of the company?
  5. A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Electronic Medical Record Systems- Think about EMR systems on a small-scale or large-scale basis and discuss whether the cost-benefit analysis changes based on the size of the company. Would it be more beneficial to implement an EMR system for a smaller or larger company?
  6. Electronic Medical Records and Job Creation or Loss- Consider the way that EMRs have impacted the job market. Do companies save time when they switch to EMRs? What effects has this had on the number of employees within the company? Does the created IT jobs balance out the need for less employees because of the system?

The first step in writing your electronic medical records research paper is choosing a topic that is interesting and easy for you to write about. Check out those listed above or use these to branch off on an idea of your own.

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