10 Up-To-Date Microeconomics Research Paper Topics

Microeconomics is an interesting subject to use when writing a research paper. Essentially, there are various up-to-date topics that you can use, including issues relating to the economy of your country or local area, as well as other regions around the globe. In fact, you do not necessarily have to focus particularly on current economic events, but can look at other relevant topics as well. For example, you can look at goods and services that are relevant to the current day, and how they are affected by economic theory.

When it comes to thinking of a good topic, you may be slightly restricted, depending upon any requirements that have been made known to you when the work was set. For example, you may have to look at a particular area of economics, or include information and ideas relating to specific theory. However, if you have greater free choice relating to what you write about, then it can be a good idea to think about any topics that you are particularly keen on, especially those where you might excel.

In order to help you think of any current and up-to-date topics, you may also consider reading the financial sections of various newspapers and websites. Alternatively, you might find some inspiration and ideas from the list of suggestions contained below.

  1. Using the principles of cross elasticity of demand, discuss how and why companies should be aware of substitute and complement products sold by other firms
  2. Why is it sometimes important for a net for monopoly to exist, so as to be of maximum benefit to the marketplace?
  3. How can firms in oligopolistic market structures exploit their power over the market?
  4. Prior to the Internet, to what extent was it possible to find market structures based on perfect competition?
  5. Does the Internet enable perfect competition, or is this only a theoretical market structure in its truest form?
  6. How can game theory be used in relation to bargaining?
  7. Why is the concept of opportunity cost so important to understanding microeconomics?
  8. How can changes to the four factors of production impact upon an economy?
  9. How important is the freedom of mobility when it comes to having an effective economy?
  10. Describe how monopolies can take advantage of a lack of competition, leading to inefficiency, and excessively high prices to consumers

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