Crafting The Best High School Research Paper On Life Insurance

When you are asked to write a perfect High School research paper on life insurance, stay in an optimistic frame of mind and have belief in yourself. Think in this way- “What will happen if an individual takes many life insurance policies”? Remember, your paper should talk about various types of life insurance, number of life insurances, significance of that number; reasons people take life insurance, profits that drive insurance sector, its effect on the future of people etc.

Once done that- do a real start this way-

  • Select a topic that is appealing and challenging. Your attitude will decide the amount of efforts employed by you. Once you have finalized the topic, ask your professor as it will be difficult to change the topic in the later stages. Do not pick too tricky and specialized topics.
  • Find information on it from various sources: Find information through various authenticated URLs, almanacs, encyclopedias, Britannica, articles, journals, online libraries etc. Edu, .gov and .org sites are reliable. Though many .com sites confer outstanding information but can’t stand for their reliability.
  • State your thesis: You need to think logically and note down the thesis statement. Declare your belief in a single sentence. Defend them and stand for your arguments.
  • Draft a tentative outline: Divide it into three sections- Introduction, Body and the conclusion. Write briefly on the subject in introduction. Divide the body into at least three sections and support all your arguments with evidences. Conclusion is usually the last section of the paper and is very critical and should be written interestingly.
  • Write notes in an organized way: Check out the best available resources and write information with accuracy. Ensure that the information is factual, reliable and up to date. This is the section where you communicate your thoughts effectively. Do not include any irrelevant info. Plagiarism is strictly not art of any research paper.
  • Prepare the first draft: Write the outline for the first topic, and then summarize it. Write your paper in the form of outline IA, IB, IC etc. The subheading should be written with small letters. If you are confused about something, use a # sign there.
  • Revise the outline and the draft: Revision is must for any kind of errors regarding facts and figures. Since it is life insurance, you have to be very much careful regarding this aspect. It’s good to revise the content regarding spellings and grammar but the purpose of writing the research should always be kept in mind.
  • Go through checklist 1 and 2: Ask yourself questions regarding clarity of statement, outline, authenticity of arguments, cited sources, supporting arguments, clarity of intentions etc. Do spell check too. In the second checklist, ask yourself questions regarding opening of topic sentence, examples cited, unfinished sentences, repetition of words, lengthy sentences, etc.

Get the final paper typed. Once done get your thesis typed.

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