The Fundamentals Of Writing A Research Paper Introduction

While penning down a research paper, it is of utmost importance that certain guidelines and advices be taken into account. The introduction of a thesis paper is, perhaps, the most important, yet underrated, part of a dissertation. It captures the essence of the paper and gives a brief explanation to the layman about the subject matter of the paper and the notion behind choosing it. Hence, certain basic tips and tricks need to be adhered to while scripting the introduction of a thesis report.

Brief overview

As mentioned earlier, the introduction is that part of the research paper that will compactly mention what the content inside deals with. It defines and describes the subject matter, acts as a foreword and mentions the reason why that particular topic was chosen by the student for his report. The rationale behind the topic chosen must be clearly discussed so as to provide the reader with a sense of the author’s opinion on the matter. It, basically serves as the very first impression that the author creates.

Precautions, assumptions and drawbacks

A good thesis paper introduction must include a detailed explanation of the precautions that need to be taken care of, the assumptions made to make the hypothesis feasible, and the limitations of the project. This means that transparency, on the author’s part, is an absolute must. All the problems encountered while conducting the experiment must also be truthfully mentioned in the introduction. It should reflect the author’s point of view on the topic concerned.

Due importance should be given

Many students make the mistake of thinking that the introduction of their paper does not need much thought and is, basically, a portion that is highly overlooked. However, this cannot be further from the truth. The introduction, manner of approach, conclusion and the student’s understanding of the topic are all parameters on which the paper is judged. This means that for coming up with a scoring introduction, the student needs to proceed with his analysis and data collection in an organised and synchronised fashion.

Short and comprehensive

Certain points must be kept in mind while proceeding with the introduction of a dissertation. These are:

  • The length of the introduction must not be too long. It should be a summary of all that has been covered throughout the paper.

  • Students are advised to avoid repeating the same point over and over again as this may lead to a decreased grading.

  • Technical terms that bear relevance to the central topic and the discipline followed by the student should be included as much as possible.

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